Is Zappos business culture appropriate?

I recently watched a report presented by Paul Solman, the director of the documentary, on how Zappos, originally a shoe retailer, has an out of the ordinary corporate culture. It sets its priority on wellbeing of the employees. Although it is not the only business to have this similar objective, it is most likely one of the most successful companies to have adopted this culture.

Zappos core principals are supporting change, being humble, create fun and « weirdness ». Not only that, but there is also an incentive and reward for employees adapting this culture by getting free merchandise.

All 1500 employees at Zappos are part of self administering groups, which is a constitutional form of organisational management. This allows a more widespread distribution of decision making but as well as giving the ability for employees to work on what they do best.

I believe that this form of organisational management truly sets out and highlights the company’s objectives for its business culture. As it allows all employee’s voices to be heard and considered thoroughly giving them the opportunity to change the business itself. As Tony Hsieh, the owner of the company at that time, mentioned, this is a potentially successful method for a business to last longer and keep being successful through time.

Although Amazon’s ownership of the company is present, its Holarctic system is truly something new and that should be considered by any new upcoming businesses that are planning to last on the long term.



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