How can a lack of creativity lead to business failure?

I recently watch Sir Ken Robinson lecturing on the current educational systems which made me realize the importance of creativity. It was highlighted that schools are quite good at teaching children that mistakes lead to failure. A quote from Sir Robinson perfectly illustrates that, « If you’re not prepared to be wrong, you’ll never come up with anything original ». The importance of a creative mindset is rejected at young age, but becomes increasingly important through life as critically thinking becomes a key tool to solve a majority of business problems.

I found this very interesting and how easy it was to relate back onto the management of a business and its decision making. As I believe every company is different in their own way, so if no innovative ideas are being created within the business, then it will stagnate and fail. The main reason for this is competition and how companies are constantly looking for new ideas, or ways to take a bigger portion of the market pie, which is currently being shared by its competitors or rivals. Creativity in its self as well as creative thinking grants the ability for companies to overcome obstacles which are so particular they wouldn’t be able to go through them without taking any consequences an example of this could the pandemic in 2020 which resulted in many corporations to close, however few of which managed to turn it into a profitable event like Amazon.

However, we cannot rely on improvisation and creative methods all the time, as many theories from past businessmen have shown to still be successful to this day. Not being aware of them in a business would undoubtedly a mistake, and a likely result of failure of business.



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